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Join Our Environmental Conservation Courses

We're currently developing a course based on the skills learned at Environmental Conservation NVQ Level 2.

We're so concerned about the damage being done to the local environment that we're setting up some new Environmental Conservation courses. 

We plan to go out into the community (to start-with in Liverpool) to teach basic conservation skills to anyone who wishes to sign-up.

The courses will be free and will be taught by Steve. He got his NVQ2 in Environmental Conservation when he was at college and he'd be more than happy to pass on what he knows about helping to save, manage and look-after the environment.

The trouble is, he still lives in Spain, so we're not sure when the courses will start. To begin wth though, if you're interested or would like more details, you can sign-up here.

This course is supported by several podcasts that we produce. You can sign-up and get them delivered straight to your inbox every day a new episode is published...

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