About Us:

What Is The English Programme? 

The English Programme is based in Spain and comprises a collection of English language based radio programmes and educational courses.

The Future 

We believe that The Future Is Digital and we have a fantastic opportunity here in Spain to mix English language education with radio broadcasting! A great demand for English education provision and a lack of providers means that our project is more important than ever.

The Future Of Radio

Not even Nostradamus could have predicted what the future had in store for the delivery and distribution of radio programmes.

Our new digital service has been set-up to demonstrate our committment to new media and digital broadcasting and our belief that digital and internet broadcasting is the future of radio!

Spain is at the forefront of the digital revolution with some regions having already made the switch from analogue. 

By producing a wide range of programmes and delivering via online streaming and podcasting, we are well placed to be a part of that revolution.

Over the next few years we will be utilising new available technologies and setting the standards for the rest of the industry in Spain and Britain to follow. 

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here if you wish to join us and be a part of this digital revolution.

Recent shows

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